bentley - SORRY SOLD OUT

bentley - SORRY SOLD OUT

bentley - SORRY SOLD OUT

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Bentley – The Nicest Tiger Toy for Your Toddler!

Meet Bentley, he's just a big cat at heart!

Toy tigers don't get nicer than Bentley. Bentley is the perfect toy tiger for the toddler and pre-school kid who loves pussycats and is full of life! Like all Zooba inflatable bouncy toys, Bentley will help your little tiger to build muscle, concentration and coordination. Most of all though, Bentley is LOTS of fun and bound to be an everyday best buddy to your little boy or girl. Bentley is perfect for rainy days indoors – helping your child burn off that wild-eyed-stuck-inside energy!

Bentley is built to last all the rainy days of childhood, she's safe (but for use under adult supervision) for pre-school kids up to 60kg. He's also very, very pretty and perfect for the little kid who loves kitties but has a wild streak! Why not get Tiggy the Brown Tiger Toy too and raise your own Zooba Zoo?

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